The Small Dog Award award was created to encourage participation and more enjoyment for handlers with small and petite breed K-9 athletes.

The best small dog at each SOFK9s competition is presented with an award, compliments of Candy's All Natural Gourmet Dog Treats.  The Small Dog Award is determined based on the following;


  • Your dog must measure 16" or less at the midpoint of the back to be eligible.
  • You are scored by the division you enter and your finish in that division.
  • Points are awarded based on individual dog/handler pairs using the scoring system defined below.
  • Points can be scored in all the events at a competition that a team is eligible to compete in.
  • The Small Dog Award is only given out at SOFK9s outdoor competitions, indoor competitions are not eligible. 
  • At the end of the competition, each team's points will be tallied.  The dog/handler team with the highest total will receive the Small Dog Award sponsored by Candy's All Natural Gourmet Dog Treats.

Scoring break down:

  • Every entry in each event at a competition scores:
    • 1 point for entry in Novice Division
    • 2 points for entry in Intermediate Division (when offered)
    • 3 points for entry in Pro Division
  • The highest placing eligible dogs in each division for each event will receive the following points:
    • Highest placement = 5 points
    • 2nd highest placement = 4 points
    • 3rd highest placement = 3 points
    • 4th highest placement = 2 points
    • 5th highest placement = 1 point
The Winners
  • Diane Smith & Holly Hopscotch 2014 Ohio Cup
  • Diane Smith & Holly Hopscotch 2014 Buckeye Bash
  • Robin Herman & Nano Bot 2014 Jamuary
  • Chandler Curtis & Fury 2010 Ohio Cup
  • Chandler Curtis & Fury 2010 Dogfest
  • Katie Rhoades & Bella 2010 Chompapalooza
  • Matt Bilderback & Bella 2009 Ohio Cup
  • Deneane Hart & Ares 2009 Dogfest
  • Deneane Hart & Ares 2008 Midsummer at The Meadows
  • Chandler Curtis & Fury 2008 Dogfest
  • Marshall Smith & Bo 2007 Spring Event
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